Enthusiast Level 1

Below is a full specification for the products featured in the Enthusiast Level 1 package, including any recommended upgrades.

Hertz Energy ESK 165.5

Hertz Energy two way system consists of two 6.5" woofers and two 26mm tweeters. These tweeters feature a tetolon dome, with hemispheric profile and wide roll surround; extremely lightweight and properly damped for smooth and extended high-frequency response. These woofers have great low-end extension and reproduce clear mid-high frequency detail with ease.  

Skinz 2mm Pro Black

Skinz sound damping is a multiple layered adhesive sheet that contains bituminous material with an aluminium coating. These sheets add weight and substance to the panel of which it's applied to reduce frequency cancellation, reduce panel resonance, reduce road noise and ultimately improve speaker performance by up to 40%.

Recommended Upgrade - Rear Speakers

Hertz Energy ECX 165.5

Hertz Energy coaxial are similar to the Hertz Energy component speakers, however, rather than two separate speakers, a coaxial speaker has a tweeter affixed to the centre of the woofer. Coaxial speakers are great for rear speaker upgrades as there is no need for an external crossover network, these can be swapped out for the factory speaker and provide a full range frequency response.

Power handling peak 210W

Power handling continuous 70W

Frequency response 60Hz - 23kHz